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Welcome to my store for bitcoin only transactions.

All payments go directly to my wallet.

If you wish to get started with using and accumulating bitcoin I recommend these apps, Coinbase or Cashapp. Please do your own research and make decisions based off of that.

The entire shop is heavily discounted to get more people to look into bitcoin and help with the overall adoption. Thank you!


$100 Gift Certificate for $80!

For $80 paid in bitcoin, I will email you a gift certificate good for $100 of tattoo time. You can buy as many as you want and save 20% on your next tattoo! I keep records of all certificates.

Thank you!


8x10 Build a Painting

for $160

Choose 3 of the image ideas below:

Rose, Spider Web, Lady, Nurse, Betty Boop, Skull, Who Me Duck, Dagger, Butterfly, Man's Ruin, Tiger, Panther, Peacock, Eagle, Dragon, Devil, Tribal, Jacob's Choice

Enter the choices when checking out. I will mail you a full color painting based off of your choices.


5x7 mystery painting

for $50

For only $50 paid in bitcoin I will make and mail you a mystery painting of my choice. Shipping is included in this price.

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