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To make an appointment for a custom tattoo please read the following and use the form below. Overly custom ideas will probably not be chosen as I am focusing more on my personal work and vintage tattoo design. My minimum for custom tattoos is $500. If you want a single sitting tattoo from me and have a lower budget, please set up an appointment for one of my flash designs.

To make this process faster and easier for both of us, please give all of the info you can about your tattoo in the first message, like placement, color or black and grey, etc. However, please keep your ideas to a minimum and one tattoo idea at a time. Less back and forth over email will get you booked faster.

I am currently booking for September 2024 for new custom work.

When I get your submission, I will respond usually within a week, with available dates and times for a consultation. Some ideas, won't need a consultation, and we can finish the booking process over email



Deposits are $140 and go towards the final sitting of the tattoo. They are non-refundable! Everyone can reschedule if need be as long as I'm given 24 hours notice and if it doesn't happen constantly. Deposits will be forfeit on missing an appointment without contacting me.


My rate is $220/hr. My minimum is $500 per appointment for custom work. Giving me your budget really helps in designing your tattoo. My timer is only running while I'm tattooing, but please understand taking too many breaks can eat into the tattoo time. My average single sitting custom tattoo usually takes between 2 and 3 hours.

I try to follow budgets as close as I can, however with multiple sitting tattoos, please try to budget per sitting, and let me know ahead of time.

Again, if a custom tattoo is out of your budget, feel free to set up a flash appointment, where I offer a lower minimum.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to tattooing you!

Thank you!

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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