To make an appointment please use the form below.

Please give me all of the info you can about your tattoo in the first message, like sizing, placement, color or black and grey, etc. Please refrain from sending me other people's designs/tattoos. If you don't know what you want to get please let me know and I'll be happy to send you some flash/line drawings after I receive a deposit. People who choose from my designs or vintage flash are guaranteed to get an appointment.

I am currently booking for April 2021.


When I get your submission, I will respond with any questions I have, as well as deposit info. Deposits must be paid when you confirm the appointment date. Deposits go toward the final price of the tattoo, and are non-refundable! Everyone is given one reschedule with their deposit as long as I'm given 48 hours notice.

I take deposits via credit card, Paypal, StrikeCashapp.

I prefer the Strike app or bitcoin payments. Please download and set up Strike before coming in for your appointment.


My rate is $200/hr, with a minimum of $300 for appointments. Btc payments get $180/hr discount rate.

What I like/want to tattoo

I want my tattoos to look classic and timeless, therefor please be very open minded and understand that not all ideas may work for me. I receive many emails and sometimes can't get back to everyone who's ideas I don't want to do. Please don't take it personal, I don't have an assistant and do this all myself.

Thank you, I'm looking forward to tattooing you!


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